Engineering services

• Project Design

The approach we adopt to make the best use of time while offering the most suitable economic conditions in all design and implementation works for a well-designed project is to ensure proper project design coupled with proper engineering.

Site layout and system design,
Preparation of project drawings,
Engineering calculations,
Establishment of a work schedule,
Identification of a construction methodology,
Determination of material specifications,
Simulation of production values,
Performance of shading analyses,
Selection of accurate photovoltaic cells,
Selection of DC wiring and protection systems,
Inverters and low-voltage systems

• Feasibility (Financial and Technical)

Our company is providing pre-investment consultancy service on solar energy. By creating a custom-designed project in line with your requests and perform comprehensive studies accordingly, we make sure that you get a system that will meet your needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Thanks to the feasibility studies performed by our company, you will be able to get the correct answer to any of your technical or administrative questions that might occupy your mind before you invest in solar energy. You may use our project form or contact us directly for further details on our custom-designed alternative energy solutions.

Field, soil and road surveys
Examination of the closest power lines
Identification of the installation site
Identification of regional and point climatic data
Identification of power consumption
Identification of the most appropriate energy source(s)
Devising the most appropriate system design
Capacity identification for the system to be installed
Calculation of investment costs
Offering of investment options
Identification of cases eligible for incentives
If a project needs to be licensed, performance of power generation licensing procedures

• Project Management

Our approach to project management is to ensure that every project is accomplished in a cost-effective and timely manner and at high quality in compliance with the relevant technical specifications and standards.

Our project management teams, each consisting of well-experienced specialist engineers, are highly skilled in the management of all project types and they always offer the best solution for every single project.

• Training and Documentation

We prepare individual operating manuals for every power plant we install and hand them over to the relevant operating staff.

We have also Expert Teams who train our customers on the possible problems they may encounter during operation as well as the periodic maintenance activities to be performed.