About Us

Başarıarge Energy Technologies Inc.

Başarıarge Energy Technologies Inc. was founded in Ankara in 2013 as a joint subsidiary of Başarı Holding and Başarı Investments Inc. to conduct research and development (R&D) on solar energy and power generation from solar PV.

From day one, we made a rapid entry into the renewable energy sector with a view to optimizing the use of solar energy and launched “Kaan Solar Maestro”, a solar tracking system with domestic goods certificate and technological product experience certificate. Along with product sales, we have also designed and delivered turnkey (EPC) projects for investors.

Başarıarge Energy, with its team of engineers and experts, has been part of many solar power plant projects as the manufacturer of photovoltaic power generation equipment and is at the same time a provider of solar power services including engineering, feasibility study, project design, implementation, commissioning, maintenance and repair works.

In parallel with PV equipment production, we have become a leading company that shapes the Turkish solar power industry with the turnkey services (EPC) we have been providing to investors, totaling approx. 400 MW and counting.

Solar energy systems have established themselves as an environmentally clean energy source. Knowing this, we have built solar power plants as an investor at various locations across Türkiye, thus contributing to reducing our country’s dependence on foreign energy.

The high-tech products and value-added solutions we bring to the market are an expression of our respect for the people. Unconditional customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which we proudly deliver to the highest standard with the motto “Technology for the People”. With a growth policy that builds on state-of-the-art technology and sustainability, we will continue to contribute to the sector and life by increasing our investment in our people every passing day.


563.500.000 kWH


130.440 households/year


259.210 tons/year


362.000 kWp