What is Sustainability?

The concept of sustainability, which emerged due to global resource depletion and human activities disrupting the balance of nature, seeks to ensure that natural resources will remain available for the long term and can be passed on to future generations. Since fossil fuels have negative effects such as affecting the ozone layer, increasing global warming and causing climate change, opting for environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and wave energy is crucial if we are to achieve the sustainability goals..

Importance and Benefits of Solar Energy Tracking Systems in terms of Sustainability

At Başarıarge Energy, we see solar energy as the key to a sustainable future. As a clean, unlimited and economical energy source, solar energy has an important role in the global energy transformation, which gives it a solid position in energy production. Solar energy brings even greater benefits when used in combination with solar trackers.

Clean Energy Source: We know that unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not harm the environment. Our solar panels generate energy by converting sunlight into electricity and do not create carbon emissions in the process. Therefore, solar energy is a clean energy source for us.

Increased Efficiency: Solar tracking systems allow solar panels to automatically track the movement of the sun throughout the day. This way, solar panels can always capture the sun in the most effective way, which increases energy efficiency and optimizes energy production.

High Performance Energy Production: Solar trackers ensure that solar panels are tilted at the right angle to the sun’s rays. This allows the solar systems to achieve maximum light absorption, resulting in high performance in energy production.

Cost Savings: Solar panels working at maximum efficiency saves costs in the long run. High energy efficiency reduces installation costs as it prevents the use of more panels for less energy production.

Environmental Sensitivity: Solar trackers improve environmental sensitivity. Higher energy efficiency means using fewer resources for more energy production, which reduces the impact on the environment.

Traceability and Ease of Maintenance: Solar trackers come with advanced monitoring systems to track and control energy production. It is also easier to detect and respond to situations that require maintenance.

All in all, solar trackers provide significant advantages in energy production by increasing the efficiency of solar energy systems. At Başarıarge Energy, we aim to achieve our sustainable energy goals more effectively with the use of this technology. Solar tracking systems are highly significant as they will help us further optimize our environmentally friendly energy production.


563.500.000 kWH


130.440 households/year


259.210 tons/year


362.000 kWp