Vision & Mission

Başarı Energy Corporate Vision & Mission

As Başarıarge Energy, our aim is to become one of Türkiye's leading solar energy companies of choice. Our vision is to make sustainable and clean energy reach every segment of society by playing a pioneering role in renewables.

People Oriented Approach
Our vision builds on technology for the people and unconditional customer satisfaction. We aim to meet our customers’ needs with results that go beyond their expectations by offering them high-tech products and value-added solutions. We strive to create value for our people and improve their quality of life.

Focus on Innovation & Technology
As Başarıarge Energy, we care about keeping up with the ever-evolving technologies and moving with the times. We attach importance to research and development with an innovative perspective and we follow the latest developments in solar energy technologies. We aim to make a difference in the sector with the high quality and technological products we produce.

Environmental Responsibility
We know that solar energy systems are an environmentally clean energy source and we act accordingly. We put in hard work to contribute to sustainable power generation so that our country's energy needs can be met from solar energy while at the same time reducing dependence on foreign energy. Fulfilling our environmental responsibility and striving for a sustainable world is our number one priority.

Put in a nutshell,
With this vision, Başarıarge Energy aims to lead the sector, add value to society and improve people’s quality of life. We aim to achieve a leading position in solar energy by gaining the trust of our clients and stakeholders. To this end, we will continue to strive for a sustainable world by following the innovations in the sector, developing products in line with customer needs and fulfilling our environmental responsibility.


563.500.000 kWH


130.440 households/year


259.210 tons/year


362.000 kWp