NAIM Series Electromechanical Pan&Tilt Systems

Başarı Energy Products NAIM Series Electromechanical Pan&Tilt Systems

Electromechanical Pan&Tilt Systems

NAIM Series

As Başarıarge Energy, we develop high value-added solutions based on extensive R&D with advanced technologies and innovative approaches in the fields of energy and defense.

NAIM Series Electromechanical Pan&Tilt Systems available with single-axis, dual-axis and triple-axis options are an ideal solution for all applications requiring high precision, reliability and performance.

The high payload capacity offered by the products of this series provides ultra precise positioning for antennas, radars, cameras, laser pointers, etc. used on land, air or sea platforms in line with speed, torque and position accuracy requirements.

With this series that has become an indispensable inventory item for the authentic platforms developed by the the Turkish defense and aerospace industry, we aim to continue contributing to Türkiye's domestic and national technology production and helping to reduce our country’s foreign dependence in the defense industry.

Features of the NAIM Series

  • High precision for applications requiring ultra precise positioning,
  • High-reliability components with a long service life and maintenance-free design to resist harsh environmental conditions,
  • High performance for challenging loads,
  • User-friendly assembly and command interface.

Naim Series has successfully passed rigorous military tests such as MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-1275E and has proven itself in the field.

Detailed engineering calculations and testing of power electronics-based electromechanical systems, including all processes from conceptual design to mass production, are carried out in-house by our company with ultimate precision.