Defense Industry Solutions

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Defense Industry Solutions

We produce innovative, reliable and efficient mobile energy solutions and high-performance, high-precision pan&tilt units for the defense industry.

1. Pan & Tilt Solutions

Our single-axis, dual-axis and triple-axis pan&tilt solutions, all designed and manufactured with high payload capacities to meet all kinds of needs, provide ultra precise positioning for antennas, radars, cameras, laser pointers, etc. used on land, air or sea platforms in line with speed, torque and position accuracy requirements.

2. Mobile Energy Generation, Storage and Power Conversion Solutions

The ever-increasing electronic capabilities of security forces also increase the need for energy in the field. Despite the increasing need for energy, challenges such as terrain conditions, long supply distances, high security requirements and limited infrastructure make it difficult to meet this need in the field.

To lend a helping hand to the security forces against these challenges, we have developed a variety of products that can meet all their energy needs in the field, such as mobile military power generation systems, mobile energy storage systems, security systems, portable/foldable lightweight solar panels resistant to harsh terrain conditions and smart power conversion devices, each optimized according to operational requirements.

Mobile Battery-Based Storage Systems
Our mobile battery-based solar power storage systems enable the use of energy generated by portable/foldable solar panels with smart algorithms, both for direct use in existing devices and for storage and later use.

Our smart solutions can be shaped according to operational needs and they can be integrated with conventional systems or used independently.

Our storage systems provide fast and uninterrupted energy supply for all needs in the field, from compact backpack models designed to meet the needs of individual teams to scalable models suitable for military vehicles, camps, base areas or field operations.

Portable Folding Solar Panels
These solar panels resistant to harsh terrain conditions provide high-performance, durable and long-lasting solar energy solutions for the defense industry. They are resistant to harsh environmental factors such as high temperature, humidity, dust, sand, impact and vibration.

The panels are advantageous also in terms of high efficiency, low maintenance cost, easy installation and integration. Our solar panels resistant to harsh terrain conditions are compatible with different platforms such as military vehicles, aircraft, ships, unmanned aerial vehicles, radars, weapon systems, etc.

The energy generated by the panels can be used to meet immediate needs or it can be stored on smart storage products for later use.

Smart Power Conversion Solutions
Security forces have to carry various chargers and different types of batteries to meet the energy needs of the many different devices they use in the field.

Developed to charge existing devices using conventional batteries and standard products more efficiently and to reduce operational loads, our smart power cycle solutions are compatible with a large variety of devices and they meet all types of charging needs, eliminating the need to carry separate spare battery(s) for each device. Our smart power converters become even more effective in the field when used in combination with our portable folding solar panels.


563.500.000 kWH


130.440 households/year


259.210 tons/year


362.000 kWp